If you're trying to get rid of toenail fungus...

This new breakthrough succeeds at eliminating toenail fungus where other remedies fail...

In fact, clinical studies show it could give you fungus-free toes!

Even better, your toenail fungus could STAY gone.

But many other remedies can't say the same. Here's why...

Shocking evidence from Harvard University confirms the medical community has been going about the problem the wrong way...

Focusing on treating toenail fungus from the OUTSIDE...

When it's hiding on the inside!

And to prove it, look at these photos.

First, look at this photo.

You can see how fungus is all over this person's big toe.

All the symptoms are there... a crumbling yellow nail...

Now, carefully look at this next photo.

These toenails look clear and fungus-free, right?

Wrong! They're not!

Believe it or not, toenail fungus is hiding right there in front of your eyes.

And it's getting ready to come back with a vengeance...

In fact, these clear toenails...

...could look like THIS in just a few short weeks!

Worse still, no cream, ointment, or "deep penetrating" drops can get at the fungus.

That's because toenail fungus has a sneaky survival trick...

Harvard Medical School experts confirm how toenail fungus survives...

...it HIDES in your body!

And this sneaky trick makes toenail fungus nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of!

So while topical treatments do work for the top of your toenails and skin around your nails, these treatments just can't reach toenail fungus's hiding place.

That's why about 45 million Americans today are fighting a losing battle against toenail fungus...

And some of them - maybe even you - have been suffering for 20... even 30 years!

You see, if you've had even one case of toenail fungus, fungal spores may still be hiding in your body!

And not only toenail fungus...

No doubt you've heard of yeast infections... athlete's foot... and jock itch...

Those are all types of fungus!

But did you know that the nasty mold and mildew you find growing under your sink and in your shower is fungus too?

There are millions of these primitive fungi organisms, and over 300 can make you sick.

Fungi live in air, soil, plants, water, on many indoor surfaces, and even on your skin.

But toenail fungus is one of the sneakiest types of fungus...

That's because it climbs under your toenail and grows deep into your nail bed where no topical treatment can reach.

What's more, toenail fungus is so tricky, covering it up makes it worse!

Did you know that wearing nail polish or covering up your feet with shoes can make your toenail fungus set up shop on your feet for good?

It turns out, nail polish encourages fungus to grow and get worse by creating a perfect environment for it.

You see, fungus hates fresh air or dryness.

But when you wear nail polish on your toenails you seal your nail bed so it gets less oxygen and more moisture... a perfect home for fungus!

And shoes are a problem too. Especially if you wear them without socks.

That's because when you put your infected toes in your shoe, the fungus spreads around and starts growing inside your shoe.

So every time you try to treat your toenail fungus... maybe even beat it... and then you put your infected shoes back on...

That's right, fungus city! That fungus will jump right back on your toenails and spread like wildfire.

And toenail fungus is more than just an ugly and embarrassing problem...

You could permanently lose your toenail...

It could spread around your body to your hands and fingernails... to your genitals...

And it can even spread into your bloodstream - threatening your life!

The CDC says:

"Because the symptoms of fungal infections can be similar to those of other illnesses, proper diagnosis and treatment are often delayed."

And by the time they discover the true hidden cause - you and your body would have suffered a high toll.

Or they'd have figured it out at your autopsy.

Because many, many, people DIE before discovering the real cause!

The Global Action Fund for Fungal Infections estimates that 1.5 - 2 million people die every year from fungus diseases.

Dr. Luis Ostrosky-Zeichner, MD from the McGovern Medical School in Houston, Texas, says:

"Fungal infections are rampant in the US, and with so many people with compromised immune systems, they'll become even more so."

So, what can you do?

A lot of people turn to fungus-killing drugs, but you couldn't pay me to take one...

Why? Three reasons...

First, toenail fungus is actually becoming resistant to many of the medications out there.

That's right, toenail fungus has morphed and adapted to these medications. So they may not work for you at all.

And then there are the side effects... headaches...diarrhea...a nasty rash...

... and those are just the mild ones!


And then there are the serious risks that come with these medications including liver damage and even heart failure.

No... not for me... no thank you.

Hello, my name is Dr. Holly Lucille. I’m a licensed naturopathic doctor and I’ve been featured as a health expert on national programs like The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors.

Many of my patients come to me suffering from toenail fungus. And, before today, all I could recommend were topical treatments and drugs.

And, of course, many of my patients saw their fungus keep coming back no matter what they tried.

That's why I'm so excited to tell you about this breakthrough today...

In the next few minutes I'm going to show you a scientifically backed way to eliminate toenail fungus for good...

It has NONE of the dangers I just told you about...

And it works better than anything you've tried because it targets and eliminates fungus where it hides inside your body.

So you could start to see it clear up in just a few days...

Flushing every trace of fungus out of your body...

Giving you fungus-free toes in as little as 2 weeks!

Just imagine...

Seeing your crumbling yellow toenails grow out clear and healthy...

Noticing how the funky smell from your fungus has disappeared...

Feeling any pain you have in your toes melt away...

Wearing your favorite sandals again with confidence...

And taking long barefoot walks on the beach with your spouse knowing your toenails look great ...and will never embarrass you again!

It's all possible now thanks to this new breakthrough...

This extraordinary remedy helps target fungal infections at the source - and it does it 100% naturally and without any side effects!

That's right, no side effects and 100% natural fungal relief.

But that's not all. There's something else that's absolutely extraordinary about this remedy...

This remedy is in the Bible!

You see, the Bible talks about 128 different herbs... and 30 of them are medicinal....

And this remedy is a unique blend of these Biblical herbs...

... herbs that are now scientifically shown to defeat fungus in clinical studies.

What's more, this ancient Biblical secret was recently proven to work in one of the most fungus-infested places in the world...


In the farmlands of Bangladesh, the farmers spend hours on end walking through wet marshland...

So their feet should be covered in fungus.

It's a literal hotbed for the stuff, and recently, the fungus spread from the grass to the wheat devastating their crops.

Because, as I mentioned earlier, fungus spreads.

It got so bad that the farmers had no choice but to take drastic measures by destroying their fields with fire to contain the fungus epidemic.

Yet, because of this herb concoction, they add to their diet... their nails, skin, and gut, stay strong and fungus-free!!

This mixture helps support their immune system, helping them stay hearty.

When I heard about these amazing herbs, I reached out to a group of professional researchers and laboratories here in the US. It's a group called PureHealth Research.

Knowing how these fungus-fighting herbs could make all the difference for people, we started to put together a breakthrough formula featuring them...

It's called Fungus Eliminator.

We at PureHealth Research, took the OLD Biblical and primitive Bangladesh remedies and added a touch of modern science.

The natural ingredients lost for centuries to the Western world include:

Biblical Herb Wormwood: Don't let the name fool you. Wormwood is an herb naturally found in the foothills of the Himalayas and India. And it's known to have strong antioxidant properties.

Science has now proved what the Bible and these primitive Bangladesh farmers already knew.

Three agencies worked together, the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, the University of Central Florida, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

They found that silver nanoparticles produced with an extract of wormwood, "can stop several strains of the fungus dead in its tracks."

Biblical Herb Garlic Bulb: Garlic is a natural antifungal. The key active component is called allicin. Garlic has been a medicinal plant for over 5000 years.

It's known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antioxidant properties. It also helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and helps support a healthy cardiovascular system.

But it's also well-known for its ability to help support a healthy immune system.

Biblical Herb Turmeric: One study showed how Turmeric inhibited fungus in each experiment. Lesions showed signs of improvement within 2-5 days and completely disappeared in 6-7 days of application.*

(*Results may vary. Though, we recommend on-going support for best results.)

Turmeric is well-known for its ability to help support the immune system.

Curcumin is the active component that boosts signals to your immune system, so it knows when to attack foreign invaders. And more importantly - it helps turn the signal OFF when the job is done.

As you know, an out-of-control immune system can lead to chronic illness.

Oregano: Wild Oregano oil has powerful antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties.

Together with our next ingredient, Basil Leaf, it's a powerful ally against fungus and nail bacterial infections.

And it's safe!

Basil Leaf: Basil has a long known history as an analgesic, antioxidant, and helps support a healthy immune system.

It was used in aromatherapy in ancient Egypt and ancient India and is still popular today.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Very few people know this about Apple Cider Vinegar - it's great for balancing gut health.

It also has impressive antifungal properties!

It's been an important commodity for over 5000 years. Ancient Babylonians also revered it for its healing properties.

It's chock-full of antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols, plus vitamins and minerals.

In modern times many use it to aid weight loss and help support healthy blood flow.

It's safe and can eliminate harmful intestinal bacteria!

Olive Leaf Extract: New evidence suggests that Olive Leaf extract has powerful antifungal abilities.

The active agent is oleuropein. This helps ensure the Olive tree remains resistant to harsh weather and bacterial and insect attack.

Olive Leaf extract has potent antimicrobial characteristics and also helps support a healthy immune system.

Another benefit of Olive Leaf extract is that it helps support healthy blood flow circulation.

Caprylic Acid: Caprylic Acid is a natural ingredient, and potent antifungal that studies show kills fungus in minutes.

Okay, so why should you trust us?

At PureHealth Research, we bend over backward to do things right.

Look, you've seen how the general health of Americans has tanked in recent decades.

Especially with immune-related diseases.

One example is that dementia and Alzheimer's are out-of-control and that statistics predict that by 2050 over 61% of seniors will have Alzheimer's.

Can you imagine almost two-thirds of our grandparents, aunts, and uncles, and their families suffering from the consequences of this one horrific disease?

The writing is plainly on the wall.

Did you know that 119 million Americans take prescription drugs regularly?

Big Pharma's prescriptions offer band-aid solutions that just mask symptoms.

You may feel better, but your body is still suffering from the illness.

Continuing illness burdens your body's systems and causes a cascade of deteriorating effects... which means you're back for more meds.

It's a license to print money.

And that's not a good protocol for your health.

So we felt we needed to offer our families and yours something better.

You need solutions that treat the root cause of ailments and conditions.

Solutions that can help heal you - for good.

And for that, we need to go back to Mother Earth and what Nature intended for us all.

Because the human body is a self-regulating and self-healing machine...if you give it the right fuel.

And that's our mission at PureHealth Research.

So we use Nature and modern science to deliver you a powerful remedy.

And NOW Fungus Eliminator is available to you!

To help alleviate...

Embarrassing yellow toenails

It's up to you to take control with this first step.

The team at Pure Health Research has worked hard to perfect this formula so that every ingredient works together to help you support a healthy immune system and fight fungus.

And Fungus Eliminator is only available here.

You see, we have NO storefront overhead to shell out.

And we have NO middleman to get his cut.

That's why we can send you our high-quality products made with premium ingredients straight to your front door... at wholesale prices!

This way, everyone can afford the alternative to Big Pharma and to restore, regain, and maintain their good health.

We use strict guidelines to make every single bottle and jar.

So how much does this wonder remedy cost?

Well, you're going to be thrilled.

Because while you've heard that the typical Big Pharma fungus medications can run into hundreds and even thousands of dollars, Fungus Eliminator costs just pennies.

That's right.

So you're not going to pay hundreds for it. You're not even going to pay $100 for it.

You can get your first bottle for just $49, that's less than $1.63 per day for a 30 day supply!

That's about what you'd pay for a pack of chewing gum.

And since PureHealth Research is here for the long haul, we want to earn your trust.

So you get our Ironclad 365-Day NO-RISK Money-Back Guarantee!

That means you have 360 days to see the spectacular results of Fungus Eliminator for yourself before you decide you want to pay for it.

And if you don't, you'll still have 5 days to let us know and get a full refund.

That's our promise to you.

This is our way of showing you that we care about your health, and stand behind each of our products.

Where else are you going to get terms like this?

So, are you going to continue suffering from ugly toenail fungus?

Are you going to continue throwing away money on useless drugstore or Big Pharma creams that may make your fungus worse?

Are you going to risk your health and maybe your very life by ignoring the whole thing?

That's why the wise choice is to give Fungus Eliminator a fair try.

We made sure it's a win-win situation.

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And since we know that once you try it and see the positive results, you'll be back for more.

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It may take months to eradicate it.

But, that's better than the health-nightmare alternative.

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Fungus Eliminator has already helped thousands of people. Just listen to what some of our customers are saying...

"After one bottle of Fungus Eliminator, my issues with fungus seem to have disappeared."

"After one bottle of Fungus Eliminator, my issues with fungus seem to have disappeared. Fungus Eliminator works like magic! I am ordering another bottle just to be certain that I have eliminated any residual fungus in my system. Thanks again!"

Eugene from West Hollywood, California

*results not typical

"I have been taking Fungus Eliminator for about 25 days, and the 2 big toenails are turning more natural white near the skin."

"I have been taking Fungus Eliminator for about 25 days, and the 2 big toenails are turning more natural white near the skin. My large toes nails have had a dark grey color, and a build-up of what looks like white dry sprung about 1/16 thick under the nails. These conditions have persisted for approx 8 years. I know that's ridiculous for living this way, this long. That's why I'm excited about Fungus Eliminator!"

Gary Berger from Pinetop, Arizona

*results not typical

"Thank you, PureHealth Research! I plan to continue using this as long as it's available."

"I started using The Fungus Eliminator a week ago. I've had very much success with it. I do recommend this product to anyone suffering from ANY type of fungal infection. Thank you, PureHealth Research! I plan to continue using this as long as it's available. Now, I'm interested in trying out the skin lift formula. At that time, I will place another order for 6 bottles of The Fungus Eliminator. Thanks again! Happy customer!"

Lawrence Chapman from Mt. Jackson, Virginia

*results not typical

"After 30 days of use, Fungus Eliminator, my toe is a normal color, and I have a toenail again."

"I have had a fungus under my big toe for probably, 30 years. I have used all sorts of remedies, but the fungus just stays the same or gets worse. It had been yellow, brown, black, and purple. I even had the nail removed surgically. It grew back and brought the fungus with it. It had become painful, and it was hard to find shoes that didn't hurt my toe. After 30 days of use Fungus Eliminator, my toe is a normal color, and I have a toenail again. It is not completely gone, but it is better than it has been in 30 years. It doesn't hurt now."

Lois Cohorst from Marysville, Kansas

*results not typical

"I started taking Fungus Eliminator 9 days ago. The white line is receding, and the pain is gone already."

"While watching Christian videos on YouTube, your ad came up. I don't normally watch the ads. So thankful I did. The fungus has spread from my toes to my finger. I started taking Fungus Eliminator 9 days ago. The white line is receding, and the pain is gone already. I ordered some for my friend. God did put everything we need here so thankful you found His answer to fungus. You're saving lives."

Irene Blachowski from St Petersburg, Florida

*results not typical

"After years of applying drugstore remedies for the toenail fungus, I was amazed at the fast result following the first month of using your Fungus Eliminator."

"After years of applying drugstore remedies for the toenail fungus, I was amazed at the fast result following the first month of using your Fungus Eliminator. Reordering was a breeze with the help of Rose on the phone."

Stephen Weingradl from New York

*results not typical

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Thank You for taking the time to learn about these fungal infections and how dangerous they can be. My name is Dr. Holly Lucille

And how Fungus Eliminator can help you clear them from your body once and for all.

Someday I'd like to say that's Fungus Eliminator saved all 45 million sufferers of fungal infections.

And that starts with YOU.

If you think that this solution can help you or a loved one, please give it a shot.

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Thanks for watching this presentation. I hope you found it informative and useful.

To a fungus-free, long, and healthy life!

Dr. Holly Lucille

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